March Cadet Promotions and Awards

Post date: Apr 21, 2017 6:33:35 PM

C/AB Yocom promoted to C/Amn, receiving the John F Curry Achievement.

C/Amn Thommasson promoted to C/A1C, receiving the Hap Arnold Achievement.

C/SrA Jackson promoted to C/SSgt, receiving the Wright Brothers Award.

C/SSgt Whitfield promoted to C/TSgt, receiving the Rickenbacker Achievement.

C/TSgt Fabsitz promoted to C/MSgt, receiving the Charles Lindbergh Achievement.

C/SMSgt Thorpe promoted to C/CMSgt, receiving the Robert Goddard Achievement.

C/MSgt Fabsitz received the VFW NCO Award.

C/1stLt Larkham received the VFW Officer Award.

Alpha Flight's Honor Cadet of the month, C/Amn Reish.