Member Resources


Manage your CAP advancement and membership with the resources found here.

This is, by far, the most important online resource for CAP Members.

Vanguard Civil Air Patrol Store

The official source of Civil Air Patrol Uniforms, Insignia, and Supplies.

Cadet Library

All the publications you'll need for advancement in your Cadet Career.

CAP University

Online Tests and Professional Development Resources for Senior Members.

Web Mission Information Reporting System

CAP's system for reporting and scheduling aircraft missions and other operations information.

Activities and Training

CAP Flight Scholarships

Ways to gain financial support for youth learning to fly!

National Cadet Special Activities

Every year, CAP partners with the Air Force and other organizations to host one-of-a-kind activities that are open to Cadets across the country. These activities have competitive slotting, and selection for one makes an excellent, long-term goal for new members and represents an excited opportunity for advancing Cadets. Ask any present or former Cadet who's been to one, they're sure to tell you that their NCSAs are among their proudest accomplishments and highlights of their Cadet years!

Other Links:

Go Civil Air Patrol

Know someone who might be interested or wants to know more? Here's CAP's public information and recruiting website.

Cadet and Senior Member Ribbon Rack Builder

An online resource to ensure that your ribbons are in order. It is recommended that you check your ribbon rack frequently to ensure they are in the proper order, especially when adding a new ribbon to your rack.

Arizona Wing:

Arizona Wing Website

Arizona Wing's official website includes news about events in the wing, and upcoming wing wide events.

Arizona Wing Encampment

Arizona's Encampment is like no other! Cadets and Senior Members involved in the Cadet Program are encouraged to attend an Encampment, either as a student, or as a member of staff.

Cadet Programs:

New Cadet Help

Find resources to help you get your start as a member of CAP! Including where to get your uniform, your leadership books and how to take your first test.

Drill and Ceremonies

Have a question about drill? Here you can find instruction videos, and information on what you will be tested on during your upcoming drill test.

Physical Fitness

Find information on the requirements for your Physical Training (PT) test, including videos showing proper form and information on warm ups you can do at home to prepare.

Learn to Lead Textbooks Downloads

Find a copy of your Learn to Lead textbooks free for download as well as audio versions of Volumes one and two of Learn to Lead.

Information for Parents

Information for parents of cadets including frequently asked questions, and how you can get involved in the program.

Stripes to Diamonds

The ultimate guide to requirements for your next promotion.