Cadet Promotions June 2018

posted Jun 26, 2018, 8:02 PM by George Risinger
The 388th held promotions on 25 June 2018.  Thirteen Cadets received their stripes.  10 Cadets from the Basic Cadet Training Class received their first Stripe.  Cadets Promoted were    C/Amn Juan, D, C/Amn Juan, A, C/Amn Markel, C/Amn Mayberry, C/Amn O’Connor',  C/Amn Ortega, C/Amn Parsons,C/Amn Pease-Wingenter, L, C/Amn Pease-Wingenter, F, C/Amn Tapley, C/A1C Chappell, and C/A1C Johnson